November 16, 2022

Member for The Entrance, David Mehan, has welcomed the Albanese Labor Government’s budget commitment of $1.6million to introduce Country of Origin Labelling (COOL) for the seafood industry.[i]

 Mandatory seafood COOL will mean that consumers will know if the seafood on the menu is grown or caught here in Australia.  Under current labelling regulation, food service, including restaurants, pubs and clubs are exempt from COOL.

 This is a positive move for Australia’s world class seafood and fishing industry that will offer confidence and transparency for consumers when selecting high-quality freshly sourced local produce.

 The NSW Liberal National Party promised seafood COOL in 2016 but failed to deliver.

 In 2017, Mr Mehan introduced a private members bill on seafood COOL into the NSW Parliament however, it was rejected by the NSW Liberal National Government.[iii]

 David Mehan said, “I congratulate the Albanese Labor Government on its support of Australia’s seafood and fishing industry that is both a job creator and an economic driver for our country.

 “My advocacy for the local seafood and fishing industry and for mandatory country-of-origin labelling has never faltered.  I welcome the commitment of the Albanese Labor Government to introduce seafood COOL.”