November 21, 2022

Member for The Entrance, David Mehan, together with residents of Peach Orchard Road are calling on the Minister for Regional Roads and Transport to reconsider the request to lower the speed limit along Peach Orchard Road, Fountaindale.

 Mr Mehan met with local residents to stress the importance of the safety issues at the location, having previously made a number of representations to both Central Coast Council and the Minister about the concerns of the community. 

 The Minister’s response to lowering the speed limit from 60km/h to 50 km/h, as would be consistent with the rest of the area, was that ‘Peach Orchard Road’s speed limit of 60km/h is considered appropriate.”

 Central Coast Council subsequently advised that additional signposting of the current speed limit of 60km/h would be installed on either side of the road. Mr Mehan noted there is abundant wildlife in the Chittaway Creek Valley which would be better protected by a lower speed limit.

 “All the urban areas in our community have a speed limit of 50km/ph. This street should be no different.

 “The response to the community’s request is disappointing. The Minister needs to reassess his decision and consider the safety issues raised by residents.

 “Residents concerns are heightened as there are no footpaths for pedestrians, which is a safety hazard and certainly not currently being addressed by the Minister.

 “Lower speed will also make the area safer for the abundant wildlife in the area.” David Mehan said.