November 14, 2022

In August, Local State MP David Mehan wrote to the Federal Minister for Defence and NSW Minister for Emergency Services, the Hon. Steph Cooke, with the request that ex-Army Unimog High Clearance Vehicles (HCV’s) be obtained, and a vehicle allocated to the Central Coast SES Units.

The NSW Government reported in June that it had obtained six Unimog HCV’s, including three from the ADF, at a cost of $4.6 million. 

Australian Defence Force (ADF) is currently disposing its Unimog fleet by public auction. Mr Mehan has suggested that some of these vehicles be supplied instead to the NSW SES.

 On 26 September Mr Mehan reported a positive response from the Commonwealth, with the Hon. Pat Conroy MP, Minister for Defence, advising its support for the request and asking the NSW Government to contact the ADF to arrange a “government to government transfer” .  

Mr Mehan says no further advice has been provided by the NSW Government.

“Will the NSW Government accept this generous offer from the Commonwealth and will our local SES get their very own Unimog?” David Mehan said. 

“Our local SES need access to a dedicated HCV for their area so volunteers can be trained and familiar with the equipment” David Mehan said. 

The Coast has seen four major floods in the last three years so the need exists for a permanent HCV for the Coast” David Mehan said.