Press release

Labor 2024-25 Budget delivers for The Entrance

June 20, 2024

The second Minns’ Labor budget for 2024-25 focuses on delivering significant investments across health, education, housing and roads for the people of The Entrance community.

The budget also provides cost-of-living relief for those struggling including expanding the energy rebates, continuing toll relief and increasing the wages for essential workers.

Specific to The Entrance community includes: 


Wyong Hospital Redevelopment Stage 1: $6.4 million, which includes expanding the hospital’s Cancer Day Unit. This aims to enhance local healthcare infrastructure, addressing critical needs in the community.


Local School Upgrades: $1.4 million allocated for upgrades across the Central Coast including at Killarney Vale Public School as part of our commitment to enhancing educational facilities.

Permanent Education Staff: Ensuring stability, with 778 Central Coast-based education staff being made permanent, which is crucial for continuity and quality in local education services.

Transport and Roads:

Gosford Bypass Planning: $3 million (as part of a $40 million commitment over 4 years) towards the continuation of the planning and design phases of the Gosford Bypass, aiming to alleviate traffic congestion and improve regional connectivity.

Tumbi Road and Central Coast Highway Intersection: $1.8 million (as part of a total $65.5 million commitment by the NSW and Australian Government) towards upgrades including traffic lights at this critical intersection, enhancing local transport infrastructure and safety.


Social housing upgrades: $4.56 million for upgrades to social housing across The Entrance electorate as part of Labors historic $6.1 billion commitment to build 11,000 new social housing homes.  

 “These investments underscore a comprehensive approach by the Minns’ Labor government to address key community needs in health, education, transport, and local infrastructure.

“Despite economic challenges and record state debt, the budget reflects a commitment to supporting the people of The Entrance to navigate and overcome these challenges effectively.”